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Churp Churp. Now sharing stories, too.

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It may have only just launched here in Australia, but the guys behind the Churp Churp platform have redesigned it to introduce a new level of awesomeness.

Aside from sharing campaigns and getting rewarded, the new Churp Churp platform has now introduced a new level of sharing.

You will now see the “Read a story” tab when you visit the Churp Churp site. Here, you can browse and recommend interesting links, videos, blog posts – anything that appeals to you really. It’s very simple to share content and socialise with other contributors!

Visit http://au.churpchurp.com and click on the “Read a story” tab.

Time-wasters, cute pictures of kitties, food recipes, pictures and videos that make you LOL or even your own blog posts – what ever it is, if you love it, you can share it across the Churp Churp home page! If you happen to come across an awesome story that has been submitted, you can simply click the Facebook ‘like’ button or share it with your friends via Twitter!

You can also get to know more about your favourite Churpers by following them and checking out the stuff that interests them. Hit the “Find out what’s new” button to check out Churp Churp’s awesome new features…

So, post whatever you fancy or browse through posts from other Churpers. We’re building the Churp Churp community, one share at a time!