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Churp Churp Mechanics 101

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Once you’ve registered your Twitter and/or Facebook account with Churp Churp Australia and created your own unique URL ID, here’s a few things you should know…

1. When registering, it will ask if you would like to let Churp Churp authorize your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. If you leave the box ticked as shown in the diagram below, it will automatically push out a message to your Facebook wall as highlighted below.

2. If you do not want the automated message pushed out to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, simply untick the box before authorizing. This will be the only time Churp Churp pushes out an automated message – from here on out, the rest is up to you.

3. To begin sharing campaigns and our referral program through Churp Churp, after signing in, select your Dashboard as highlighted in the top bar below. You will see in red that it says you have “1 new campaign” to be shared, this is our Churp Churp $1 per referral campaign. As we begin to add more campaigns to Churp Churp, they will show up here. To share this campaign using your own unique referral URL ID, click “Share This” (if it’s your first time sharing) or “Keep Sharing” if you’ve already shared this before.

4. The following page will appear with a pre-set message you can push out to your followers. If you do not like this message, you can create your own and “Save” it. Your saved message will over-ride all pre-set messages for this particular campaign. Choose which social media platform you’d like to share this campaign across. As indicated below and for this example, we’ve selected Twitter.

5. A second window will open. Here again, you can edit your tweet if you would like it to say something else. Do not delete your unique URL otherwise your referral will not be able to be traced and therefore cannot be rewarded. When you are happy with your tweet, hit “Tweet” to tweet it out to all your Twitter followers.

6. After your tweet has been sent out, the second window will close and you will be returned back to your Churp Churp Dashboard. Here, you have the option of posting out the campaign again to another one of your social networks. If, for example you would like to share via Facebook, hit the Facebook icon and the following screen will pop up. From here you can input your own message and hit “Share“. It’s that easy!



We encourage you to personalise your messages when sharing them on your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking platforms and only email or share it with your friends that might be interested. We strongly discourage spamming it on the partners’ Facebook Fan Pages and their competitors, sharing it on suspicious or Pay to Click (PTC) sites and sharing it with misleading messages.

If you would like to notify your followers that you are sharing a sponsored tweet, we encourage the use of either the #ad or #spon hashtags. Churp Churp is not considered as spam but more so just sharing things you already like.

Example: I am a movie nut – I tweet often about movies I’m watching and share trailers of upcoming movies that I am interested in. If a Churp Churp campaign involves sharing a trailer for an upcoming movie I want to see, I will tweet it out through Churp Churp because I’d tweet it out anyway, even without Churp Churp. It’s about knowing what your audience likes and what they’d be interested in – relevance is the key.

We’ll slowly be adding more campaigns to your Churp Churp Dashboard over the coming weeks so keep an eye out!