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ChurpChurp – Now Available on the App Store

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Guess what, Churpers?

We’ve heard all your requests for something that would make and sharing all the awesome ChurpChurp campaigns and stories on the go easier, and we’re proud to announce the all new ChurpChurp iOS app is now live on the App Store!

That’s right – now you’ll never have to worry about missing another ChurpChurp campaign, community update or interesting story anymore! The ChurpChurp app will provide all the functionality the web version does, and here’s an overview of all the awesome features and things you can do with the app:


• Catch up on the latest viral videos, trending stories and funny pictures on the Internet
• Share an interesting story you’ve found
• Comment on the stories and share them with your friends via Twitter/Facebook
• Double tap on a story to ‘heart’ it
• Swipe left/right to switch between the ‘Featured’, ‘Vote’ and ‘Friends’ feed


• View all the ChurpChurp campaigns available for sharing on the go
• Read more about the campaign and view the site you’re sharing from the app
• Personalize your message and share with a few simple taps


• Get updates on the latest events, contests and promotions for the community


• View your earnings, stories and campaigns shared, and friends/followers on ChurpChurp
• Update your settings/preferences for campaigns and notifications
• Cash out your earnings from the app

Now that you’ve seen all that the app can do, it’s time to try it out yourself. Download the ChurpChurp app (link) now for the ultimate Churping experience!

The Instagram Connection

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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re not shy about our love for Instagram and as such, we’re excited to tell you about a cool new feature we’re rolling out today!

We’re now giving you Churpers the option to connect your Instagram account to ChurpChurp, which will mean more awesome campaigns and contests you can be part of in the future!

You can connect your Instagram account to ChurpChurp in just a few seconds. Simply head on to the Manage Account page which you can access at the top right hand corner of the page. Next, go on to the General tab on that page, where you’ll see this ‘Connect to Instagram’ button:

Click the button, and you’ll have connected your Instagram account with ChurpChurp.

Don’t forget to also let us know which platform you’re using Instagram on as well! You can select iOS or Android, or both if you have a few devices on different platforms.

You’re all set now, so sit tight and watch out for cool campaigns and contests you can participate in with Instagram!

Churp Churp Community Announcement

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Dear Churpers,

As many of you might have noticed, the Churp Churp website was inaccessible for most of today (27 September), and it was brought to our attention that this was due to an intrusion into the networks of our web hosting service Exabytes, where 50 servers, including ours, were deleted. As a result, there was an interruption of services on our part.

Despite the deletion of the servers, our Tech team has since restored our site from a remote backup, and Churp Churp is running as usual again. However, there are some data that might still be missing, and we need help from all of you to ensure that any hiccups are ironed out soon.

There are a few ways you can contact us if you are facing any issues with your Churp Churp account, which are as below:

Churp Churp helpdesk
Dedicated feedback form

If you are encountering any errors with your account settings, user details, earnings, missing accounts and etc., please do get in touch with us via any of the ways listed above before 27 October 2012. Do provide us with as much information as possible, and do allow us until 30 November to resolve all issues.

While we are working hard to fix errors occurring at the moment, we also regret that we will temporarily be suspending cashout requests from all accounts until all matters have been resolved.

Thank you, Churpers, for all your patience and support through this time, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Churp Churp Team

Campaign Information: Keratinology by Sunsilk

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Thank you for clicking through to find out about more about the Keratinology by Sunsilk products. Below is some information about each product to help you make an informed decision about which product you want (remember only 1 product is allowed per person so choose wisely!) We hope you enjoy using your product. Keep a look out for other great things being shared by your friends over on Churp Churp!


Sunsilk ChurpChurp

The advanced heat protective formula with UV filter helps prevent against breakage and frizz. Every millimetre of hair is protected as you style, giving your hair truly professional salon beauty for longer* (*follow usage instruction, lab test vs non-conditioning shampoo when used with the complete range of Advanced Reconstruction Program)  


Sunsilk ChurpChurp

Apply this lightweight, nourishing formula at night. With an intense 8-hour action, powerful nutrients absorb deeply overnight to help repair even the tiniest cracks and imperfections as you sleep.


Use weekly for intense nourishment. Penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre, reconstructs and seals cuticles for stunning, salon-like smoothness and shine.


Sunsilk ChurpChurp

This weekly treatment penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre to intensely nourish and repair, sealing the cuticles to lock in luminous colour and stunning shine

Churp Churp. Now sharing stories, too.

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It may have only just launched here in Australia, but the guys behind the Churp Churp platform have redesigned it to introduce a new level of awesomeness.

Aside from sharing campaigns and getting rewarded, the new Churp Churp platform has now introduced a new level of sharing.

You will now see the “Read a story” tab when you visit the Churp Churp site. Here, you can browse and recommend interesting links, videos, blog posts – anything that appeals to you really. It’s very simple to share content and socialise with other contributors!

Visit http://au.churpchurp.com and click on the “Read a story” tab.

Time-wasters, cute pictures of kitties, food recipes, pictures and videos that make you LOL or even your own blog posts – what ever it is, if you love it, you can share it across the Churp Churp home page! If you happen to come across an awesome story that has been submitted, you can simply click the Facebook ‘like’ button or share it with your friends via Twitter!

You can also get to know more about your favourite Churpers by following them and checking out the stuff that interests them. Hit the “Find out what’s new” button to check out Churp Churp’s awesome new features…

So, post whatever you fancy or browse through posts from other Churpers. We’re building the Churp Churp community, one share at a time!

Tell Us What You Want To See

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Hiya Churpers,

Going to keep this one short and simple… just like me!

We want you to tell us what sort of campaigns you’d love to share through Churp Churp! These could be things you love or your followers like.

Perhaps you’re a budding moviegoer and you want to share awesome new movie trailers or maybe you’re a chocoholic and want to shout it out to the world… whatever it is that you’d love to share, drop us a comment below and let us know. Once we know what interests you we can work towards reeling in the best campaigns that relate to both you and your audience.

You already share the things you love across your social media accounts so why not share them through Churp Churp and get rewarded for it?

Nominate your favourite Micro-blog for NAPBAS 2011!

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In 2009, the first Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards brought together 400 bloggers across Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines & Australia to honour the best of the best in blogging in the Asia- Pacific region. 2 years later, Nuffnang is proud to be hosting the much-anticipated Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this time with the Nuffnang communities of China, Hong Kong and Thailand on board as well!

Blogging has evolved over the years, and micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter and Weibo have become massively popular outlets of expression as well, making it easier for people to share short updates quickly and on the go. We’re proud to announce that Churp Churp is a partner to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011, sponsoring the Best Micro-blog category, a new addition to the Awards!

These days micro-bloggers have a formidable following on their platforms, and have proven to be just as influential. What is it about them that makes you want to follow them? Is it their updates on all the latest news that keeps you up to speed anytime, anywhere? Is it their witty humour in bite-sized pieces? Or is the strange places and exotic food that makes you wish you were there?

Tell us which micro-blogs you can’t get enough of by nominating your favourites under the Best Micro-blog category! Hurry now, nomination ends November 7th 2011!

Churp Churp Mechanics 101

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Once you’ve registered your Twitter and/or Facebook account with Churp Churp Australia and created your own unique URL ID, here’s a few things you should know…

1. When registering, it will ask if you would like to let Churp Churp authorize your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. If you leave the box ticked as shown in the diagram below, it will automatically push out a message to your Facebook wall as highlighted below.

2. If you do not want the automated message pushed out to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, simply untick the box before authorizing. This will be the only time Churp Churp pushes out an automated message – from here on out, the rest is up to you.

3. To begin sharing campaigns and our referral program through Churp Churp, after signing in, select your Dashboard as highlighted in the top bar below. You will see in red that it says you have “1 new campaign” to be shared, this is our Churp Churp $1 per referral campaign. As we begin to add more campaigns to Churp Churp, they will show up here. To share this campaign using your own unique referral URL ID, click “Share This” (if it’s your first time sharing) or “Keep Sharing” if you’ve already shared this before.

4. The following page will appear with a pre-set message you can push out to your followers. If you do not like this message, you can create your own and “Save” it. Your saved message will over-ride all pre-set messages for this particular campaign. Choose which social media platform you’d like to share this campaign across. As indicated below and for this example, we’ve selected Twitter.

5. A second window will open. Here again, you can edit your tweet if you would like it to say something else. Do not delete your unique URL otherwise your referral will not be able to be traced and therefore cannot be rewarded. When you are happy with your tweet, hit “Tweet” to tweet it out to all your Twitter followers.

6. After your tweet has been sent out, the second window will close and you will be returned back to your Churp Churp Dashboard. Here, you have the option of posting out the campaign again to another one of your social networks. If, for example you would like to share via Facebook, hit the Facebook icon and the following screen will pop up. From here you can input your own message and hit “Share“. It’s that easy!



We encourage you to personalise your messages when sharing them on your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking platforms and only email or share it with your friends that might be interested. We strongly discourage spamming it on the partners’ Facebook Fan Pages and their competitors, sharing it on suspicious or Pay to Click (PTC) sites and sharing it with misleading messages.

If you would like to notify your followers that you are sharing a sponsored tweet, we encourage the use of either the #ad or #spon hashtags. Churp Churp is not considered as spam but more so just sharing things you already like.

Example: I am a movie nut – I tweet often about movies I’m watching and share trailers of upcoming movies that I am interested in. If a Churp Churp campaign involves sharing a trailer for an upcoming movie I want to see, I will tweet it out through Churp Churp because I’d tweet it out anyway, even without Churp Churp. It’s about knowing what your audience likes and what they’d be interested in – relevance is the key.

We’ll slowly be adding more campaigns to your Churp Churp Dashboard over the coming weeks so keep an eye out!


Introducing – Churp Churp Australia

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We have some big news to announce today – we are very excited to be launching our sister company, Churp Churp, here in Australia!

You may have seen some tweets flying around twitter over the last few days from our trial soft launch but today we’re ready for the real deal…

What is Churp Churp?

If you love sharing the latest happenings, trends and brands that you like and love with all your friends across various social media platforms, then Churp Churp is definitely for you! Here at Nuffnang, we recognise that everyone has now become an influencer in one way or another so here’s your chance to take advantage of that!

Over the coming weeks, we will be building a community that rewards social media influencers like you for sharing messages on the latest updates, campaigns and events around Australia across all your social media channels.

You will receive notifications when new campaigns are available and ready to be shared and then it will be totally up to you whether you want to share it or not. If it’s relevant to you and your audience, then share it, if not, then you don’t have to!

Churp Churp runs in two different campaign forms:

Social Share: This allows you to choose the campaigns you want to share. Every unique click you get from sharing from your personal link will get you rewarded.

Social Seeding: These campaigns are pre-assigned to you. Once you are selected to take part, you will be notified by email.

Can I join Churp Churp?

Of course! You can join Churp Churp if you have either an active Facebook and/or Twitter account. If you are one of the first 1000 Churpers to register in Australia, you will receive a $5 kick-start into your Churp Churp account! Once you sign up take advantage of our referral program – for every one friend you influence to sign up with Churp Churp, we will credit your account with $1. So if you encourage 20 friends to sign up with Churp Churp, you’ll get $20 into your account – there’s no limit! Please note, earnings are not in real time and update on a weekly basis.

Does this mean I will be spamming my friends with ads?

No. The Churp Churp platform will allow you to choose how often you would like to share messages as well as which messages you think would interest your friends. Churp Churp will not send out automated updates without your knowledge – you are in total control.

Right now we are in the process of spreading the Churp Churp word. We’d love for you to get involved with our referral program to help build our community of Churpers. The referral program will be running continuously. Campaigns will be soon to follow.

You can sign up through your existing Facebook or Twitter account so head over to Churp Churp Australia to join us on this new and exciting adventure!

For more info and step-by-step screen grabs showing how Churp Churp works, click here.

Sign up to Churp Churp today!

Twitter   |   Facebook


Social Sharing 101

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After the launch of ‘Social Sharing’ the newest addition to the rewards family;  we’ve garnered tons of attention and inquiries regarding it and we thought, hey what would be best to help you guys on this then to step-by-step share with you on how to optimize your rewards through these simple steps ;

1.  Sign Up for ChurpChurp!
To take part in any social media campaigns with us, you’d firstly have to Sign up with ChurpChurp today and get ready to  receive tons of exciting social media campaigns !

2.  Log in and select the campaigns that you’d like to share;
Browse through the available campaigns you’d like to take part in from the homepage or Dashboard. There will be all kinds of Social Sharing campaigns from time to time, and the best part is – it’s open to ALL Churpers! Yup, there’s no assignment process. w00ts!

3.  You’ll be redirected to a page where you can Personalize your url.
Social Sharing is all about rewarding you for sharing!  Before you start telling your friends about the awesome campaigns, you need to personalize your URL where it will act as your unqiue ID.  Your rewards will be tracked based on how many of your friends, followers and readers click on your personal URL.

4.  Then once you’ve finalised your URL, click on ‘Start Sharing this!’ to begin!
Check out the brief of the campaign you’d like to participate in and make sure you know what the campaigns are about before start sharing. Remember, you don’t wanna mislead your friends and followers now right?

5.  Voilà, you’re on board to share this campaign!

6.  Personalize your message to your friends, followers and readers
In the message box, customize a message to your friends to them what you think about this campaign! Your friends will see this message whenever they click on your personalized URL.

7.  Share it on ANY social media platform!
Now that you have your message, click on your personalised URL and share in on MSN, Facebook, your blog, or whatever social media platform you and your friends are active on!

8.  We’ve also included a complete guideline on the left panel in your dashboard for easier reference! But for more questions, do write in to Helpdesk!

9.  And that’s it! Be the first among your peers to get the insights on the latest news, events and sweet deals with Churp Churp.

10. Earnings will be credited after the campaign has ended. This is to make sure that all your clicks are legit and that you did not participated in any clicks fraud. Yup! We are concern about this! 🙂

Don’t worry about the the scheduled tweets. It’s still going to be on assignment basis! Twice the churp, twice the fun!

So good luck, have fun and be a responsible Churper!